Scuba Diving Croatia

I launched “Scuba Diving Croatia” in order to contribute in the mission of presenting Croatia as a top diving location in the world, as I myself truly believe is the case.

Admittedly, the Adriatic is not color-riched as the Red Sea, and marine species may not be exotic like in the Andamans, but the sheer beauty of the coast, hundreds of amazing islands and number of historically important shipwrecks make it a must stop for any diving enthusiast.

With its cultural diversity and ideal geo-location, Croatia’s plains, mountains, seaside and the Adriatic itself are not to be missed.

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Why Scuba Diving?

I started my adventure sports path in the mountains, paragliding, climbing, and mountaineering, and while the freedom of the hills is undeniable, the truth is there aren’t really many places on our planet left a mystery, not much left to explore.

The race for the poles finished over 100 years ago, the golden age of mountaineering came to an end a while back, jungles and deserts are mostly explored and all that is left above the surface are the extremes. Now don’t get me wrong, that is exactly my cup of tea. Or a pint of beer if you like.

However, what I failed to acknowledge while chasing the thrill, and what I really believe and advocate now, is that the oceans truly are the earth’s last frontier.

You can dive one site dozens of times, and always experience something new. And, as anyone who spent more than a few minutes below knows, diving can be as timid, or as extreme as one prefers.

Don’t believe me? Technical diving, dangerous marine animals, strong currents, diving under the ice, cave exploration…plenty of adrenaline to get your heart pumping.

This alien-like planet beneath the waves is something I long to come back each and every time I surface.

I hope that this site might help other like-minded individuals in their own pursuit of exploring the underwater world.

Croatia is amazing, and its aquatorium awaits to be explored.

Igor Bujas, April 2018.