Author: Igor Bujas

Diver drowns in a tragic accident near Kornati Islands

What should have been just another simple dive turned into a tragic accident when a German diver drowned after surfacing. In an organized dive on August 4 at the Island Levarnaka near Kornati Islands, around 6:30 – 7pm, bad weather …

The “Impatient Virgin II” found in the Bisevo Channel

After being lost for nearly 8 decades, the “Impatient Virgin II”, an Allied bomber from WWII, was discovered in the Bisevo Channel, at the depth of 98m. It sank in June 1944 and was laying scattered in the aquatorium of …

10 Ways Scuba Diving Can Kill You

Is Scuba Diving Dangerous? Scuba diving, though filed under the category of extreme or adventure sports, is generally a very safe activity, as long as you follow a certain set of rules.

Storing Scuba Gear For Winter

Unless you live in (or travel to) some nice tropical destinations during winter times, and you do not own a dry suit, then, like most of us, you will have to set your gear aside for a few months, most …

EU Voted To Ban Single Use Plastics starting in 2021

EU voted to ban a wide range of single-use items by a large margin, among others plastic plates and cutlery, straws, balloon sticks, and cotton buds which would be banned outright in all member countries

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone nightmarish cave dive

Donald Cerrone is one of my favorite MMA fighters ever. If you haven’t seen him fight, go Google his highlights now, and you’ll get the picture. Besides the fact I love his fighting style,

A mysterious safe of the ancient ship “Re d’Italia” found near Vis

After 13 years of bureaucracy, a finding of the safe on the wreck “Re d’Italia” can be confirmed. The wreck lies at a depth of 115 meters north of the Island of Vis. The safe could possibly hold millions in …

British divers fly in to join rescue efforts in Thailand

British Cave Divers joined in numerous military personnel, police, border guards and officials in the effort to save 12 children and their football coach lost in the Thai cave.

Amazing Croatia

Island Of Pag About Croatia Located in the southern part of Europe, the jewel named Croatia has a total area of 56,594 square kilometers and It borders with Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Scuba Diving Organizations

CMAS, PADI, NAUI and all that jazz… You have decided it is time to learn how to scuba dive, and you want to get certified and earn your first star. Good for you! You will have to listen to some …