A book review – Scuba Confidential by Simon Pridmore

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Ernest Shackleton’s “Endurance” found!

Ernest Shackleton’s “Endurance” was found in the Weddell Sea, off the coast of Antarctica, at the depth of 3008 meters. Because of a treaty signed years ago, nothing can touch the wreck. But it can be filmed! Check the video …

“The Rescue” by Jimmy Chin & Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi

I have been looking forward to this one, as I’ve been following Jimmy’s work for years – anybody in the mountain climbing community has. If you have not seen such gems as Meru or Free Solo, I highly recommend them. …

A German Diver dies on “Baron Gautsch”

A German diver (62) died on Thursday during a dive on “Baron Gautsch“. He, for an unknown reason, made a fast ascent from the depth of approximately 30 meters. All efforts to resuscitate the diver were unfortunately unsuccessful. Photo credit: …

Diving In Croatia

Scuba Diving In Croatia When to go? The “When can you dive in Croatia?” question will often find the “All year around if you have a dry suit?” answer, but the best months are from May to October.

Diver drowns in a tragic accident near Kornati Islands

What should have been just another simple dive turned into a tragic accident when a German diver drowned after surfacing. In an organized dive on August 4 at the Island Levarnaka near Kornati

The “Impatient Virgin II” found in the Bisevo Channel

After being lost for nearly 8 decades, the “Impatient Virgin II”, an Allied bomber from WWII, was discovered in the Bisevo Channel, at the depth of 98m.

Is Scuba Diving Dangerous? Here is a list of 10 Ways Scuba Diving Can Kill You

Is Scuba Diving Dangerous? Scuba diving, though filed under the category of extreme or adventure sports, is generally a very safe activity, as long as you follow a certain set of rules.

Storing Scuba Gear For Winter

Unless you live in (or travel to) some nice tropical destinations during winter times, and you do not own a dry suit, then, like most of us, you will have to set your gear aside for a few months, most …

EU Voted To Ban Single Use Plastics starting in 2021

EU voted to ban a wide range of single-use items by a large margin, among others plastic plates and cutlery, straws, balloon sticks, and cotton buds which would be banned outright in all member countries