British Cave Divers joined in numerous military personnel, police, border guards and officials in the effort to save 12 children and their football coach lost in the Thai cave.

The Tham Luang cave is the 4th longest cave complex in Thailand with a complicated network of tunnels and pools making it a very difficult site for highest skilled divers, especially during the wet season which is severely interfering with the rescue efforts.

It is the 6th day of search and the biggest dangers are lack of oxygen and hypothermia. At this point one can only hope the rescuers find everyone alive and healthy in time.


All 12 boys and their coach are out of the cave. Extremely complicated rescue and amazing work done by everyone. Unfortunately, there was one casualty, a former navy diver Saman Gunan lost his life during the oxygen supply mission. A real life hero.


The divers have found ALL boys and their coach alive, after nine days! The challenge now is to extract the party safely.

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