The Dive

Sailing through “Paška Vrata” and through the canal (with a strong chance of seeing a family of dolphins) you will reach Veliki and Mali Maškalić reefs (SW part of the passage, before and after cove Mali Zaton).

You can anchor near the cliffs of Veliki Maškalić, depending on the wind. If there is a slight to medium Bura wind blowing, you will have to anchor a bit lower.

If Jugo wind is blowing, there may be garbage floating around you from a bunch of “party boats” sailing this route from Pag and Zrće.

The dive around Veliki Maškalić is a very pleasant one, with depths going up to 30m. Orientation is very easy being you are going around the big cliff.

Mali Maškalić dive is similar, a lot smaller and, in my opinion, not so attractive as the Veliki Maškalić.

I have been diving these parts a lot with Goran from Scuba Pag, so he may be a good choice to take you diving through and around the Pag waters.


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