Very beautiful dive site located near “Pasadur”, only 5 minutes by speedboat. Since Lastovo is a nature park, you will need a special permit to dive here, or you will have to go with a registered dive center. There are two in Lastovo, “Ankora” in Zaklopatica, and “Ronilački raj” in Pasadur. We have been diving there with the latter since it is logistically much closer. The owner and dive master Goran says you should do at least two dives in this location, which is, in my opinion, an understatement – you should try to do 5.

The sea temperature in the summer months is pretty decent around here, around 18 degrees at 40m, and the visibility is legendary.

You can obviously go in two directions, depending on where you anchor. The recommended depth for this location, for the average diver, would be around 35m. The wall is filled with marine life: lobsters, sea snails, octopuses… It is actually quite amazing such a wall exists so close to the inhabited area, but hey, this is “Lastovo”, truly a divers paradise.

  • Listing categories Dive Sites, Walls
  • Location Lastovo
  • Igor Bujas

    Rating: 5 / 5



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