Wreck Peltastis – “The Greek”


In the stormy night on January 8th, accompanied by the strong Bura wind, a Greek cargo ship “Peltastis” sunk taking 8 crew members lives with it. The bodies of the 7 crew members were recovered right after the accident, and the eight, captain Theodoros Beleisis was found a few months later, tied to the rudder. The story says he ordered other crew members to abandon ship and save themselves, but asked them to tie him to the rudder first. Pretty freakin’ radical if you ask me. Hats off, captain.

The Dive

Location is easily reachable by boat, about 0.5nm from Šilo, Krk. When I was diving there, we arranged a boat ride from the local diving center, “Neptun”. It can also be swam to if you know where to park on the shore and feel like putting in some work. People usually hate or love distance locations that require a snorkel and some physical work, me personally being the latter.

The wreck lies at 31m deep in an upright position, with the vessel’s stern being at 26m. Descent starts at around 8m down the anchor line. Be sure to bring your torch for this one. Visibility is pretty good, but that can change due to the currents.

GPS coordinates are N 45 09 37 / E 14 39 01.

Suitable for: Advanced divers (Rescue Diver, CMAS**, NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver and their diving associations equivalents).


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    Great dive, easily reachable, highly recommended

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