“Vassilios” Wreck


The Island of Vis is legendary for its beauty, and its many wrecks which will satisfy even the most experienced divers. “Vassilios” is surely on top of that list. It was a greek cargo steamship ship which sunk in 1939. Its crew was saved by local fishermen from Komiža.

Today, Vassilios is one of the biggest wrecks in the Adriatic, a 105m long giant, which is, along with “Boeing B-17, Flying Fortress”, the most known wreck on the Island of Vis.

The Dive

The easiest way to reach the wreck is by boat from Komiža, a 10-20 min ride with a wonderful view of amazing Vis island and Komiža bay. Anchoring is done near the lighthouse, followed by the descent to 22 meters below the surface.

You can dive this location with one of the few licensed diving centers on the Island, notably “Issa Diving center” and “B-24”.

Since Vassilios is such a big wreck, it is recommended to dive at least twice on the location.

The first part of the Vassilios wreck can be reached by beginner divers as it lays at 22 meters. After inspecting the first half of the wreck, beginner divers can return to shallower water and enjoy the company of large number of fish, or an occasional octopus.

More advanced divers will continue descending toward the deeper part of the wreck, which lies at 53m.

Depth: 22m-53m

Sunk: 1939.

Length: 104m

Suitable for: Advanced divers (Rescue Diver, CMAS**, NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver and their diving associations equivalents).

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