Zrmanja, Grotlo

About Zrmanja

It is hard to describe the sheer beauty of this area, and Zrmanja in general. For many just a quick coffee stop on the way to the coast, Obrovac is, in my opinion, an extremely underrated tourist location, especially for the outdoor activities. Mountain biking, rafting, and kayaking are at your disposal here, the beaches and the seaside are just 30 minutes away and Velebit National Park and Paklenica with some of the best sports climbing in the world are in the neighborhood.

The best way to experience Zrmanja is surely by kayak or a raft, something I strongly recommend doing.

The Dive

During the annual ecological cleaning event of Zrmanja, myself and a dozen of other divers had the privilege to dive this amazing spot, below the big waterfall. We were told by the city mayor that no one ever scuba dived there, so did not know what to expect.

To reach the site you will have to carry the equipment a few hundred meters from the car to the location. You may spot a river snake or two.

During the summer, the river temperature is pretty warm, over 20 degrees Celsius.

After submerging, you can follow the strong current below the waterfall. The visibility is great, and the maximum depth is about 16 meters.

I am not sure you can get a license to dive this spot, this being a nature park, but even if you don’t, come to Obrovac, visit Zrmanja, raft offseason, kayak during the season, hike around the river, take a swim, grab a drink…this place is truly amazing.

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