Donald Cerrone is one of my favorite MMA fighters ever. If you haven’t seen him fight, go Google his highlights now, and you’ll get the picture.

Besides the fact I love his fighting style, I love the fact he does a lot of Adventure/Extreme Sports I like to do as well. One of these is obviously Scuba Diving, and Donald’s last cave dive almost didn’t end well.

From his Instagram post:

“Today I can honestly say I’m Happy to be alive. We had catastrophic worst case scenario on our dive. Total silt out , lost the cave line and lost my buddy couldn’t see my own hands was the most scariest moment to this day in my life. I remember kissing Danger and Lindsay and saying I’ll see y’all soon, don’t worry daddy’s coming home!!!! Told the grim reaper “ Not today Mother Fucker “ I’m figuring this the fuck out and coming home !!”

Check out his story on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

”As soon as I go into the silt I lose everything. Where I am, my up, my down. I don’t know where I am, I’m panicking now. I’m freaking out more than anything ever. Bang, I hit my head on the ceiling and I just close my eyes and I’m like ‘Goddamn, Cowboy, calm the f**k down, calm the f**k down, calm the f**k down. Breathe.’”

Did “Cowboy” do the right thing? What would you do in this situation?

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